WASD/ARRAOW key to move


match 24 point to blast

15 wave currently desined

=======more detailed game rule=========

There are 52 cards in the deck.

 Draw 5 cards every 20 seconds.

 You can put the cards on the corresponding oil, attack and shield to increase their value.

If you don't put cards on attack area, you can't load your cannon. If the oil is 0, you can't move your tank

There is an upgrade card for every 52 cards. 

The upgrade card can be placed on the corresponding row to upgrade the upper limit of fuel, attack shell (at first, only one shot can be fired every 20 seconds), and the upper limit of shield

The enemy will drop card rewards when they explode. You can draw an additional card if you eat the rewards

If the result of a certain row is 24, your tank will return to full fuel + full shield, all  enemy will explode, but they won't drop card rewards

=======game rule end=========

Sprite From: Kenny(Kenney • Free game assets)

Tank Sprite From (https://twitter.com/HippoAssets)

This is a try for handling cards animation, highly inspired by (db0/godot-card-game-framework: A framework which comes with prepared scenes and classes to kickstart your card game, as well as a powerful scripting engine to use to provide full rules enforcement. (github.com))

Due to time shortage, Some bugs may happen...

Thanks for playing!

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